Teen, College, Young Adult and Families

We specialize in working with teens, college students and families associated with Indiana University (our Indiana office) or Brown University (our Rhode Island office). We understand the fear parents have and work closely with the whole family to ensure college students struggling with anxiety, depression, or substance abuse issues are supported. Licensed, nurturing professionals are ready to support you today.

  • Substance Abuse
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Organization and Study Skills
  • Motivation
  • Career Counseling

The Fonthill Difference:

  • Support Between Sessions
  • On-Campus, Office or Phone Sessions
  • Flexible Weekday, Weekend, and Evening Sessions

(BCBS of RI, United Health and Tufts Health Insurance is accepted in Rhode Island. All major insurances accepted in Kentucky.) 

Case Management

Advisement and Coordination Done Right

Case Management makes the complicated simple. We provide aftercare support, therapeutic wilderness and boarding school recommendations and educational consulting. With decades of experience, Fonthill knows when placement is necessary and when it’s not.

Fonthill will make sure that all the therapists, psychiatrists, treatment programs and professionals are seamlessly working together. This service is essential when families are struggling with substance abuse, eating disorders, developmental disorders or a struggling teen. Our clients are busy professionals from across the country that require dedicated, exclusive service.

  • Educational Consulting
  • Monthly Team Meetings
  • Applications and Forms
  • Step-Down and Aftercare Planning
  • Discharge Planning and Insurance Claims Reimbursement

Therapeutic Placement Consulting

Expert Advisement for Parents Seeking Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Wilderness Programs, Residential Treatment or IOPs

We provide clinical, financial, legal and logistical support for out of home placement options. We are licensed professionals helping families like yours make decisions regarding treatment for substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and behavioral issues. Finding and choosing a therapeutic boarding school, wilderness program or residential treatment program is confusing. We cut through all the noise and walk you through the process until you are satisfied. Here’s our process:

  • Free Phone or In-Person Consult
  • Initial Meeting for Assessment and Analysis
  • Provide Recommendations based on Clinical, Financial and Geographical Need
  • Complete Applications, Secure Funding, Negotiate for Lower Rates
  • Set-Up and Implement Transition Plan
  • Coordinate with Therapeutic Program and Ensure Exceptional Delivery of Service
  • Plan and Execute Step-Down/Aftercare Plan or School Break Planning

From the very beginning, you are as involved as you want to be. We never charge a flat placement fee and never, ever, ever accept kickbacks or financial compensation from any program. Our work is transparent and engaging. We only recommend therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs, IOPs and residential treatment centers that meet our high clinical standards.

Parent Consulting

When Your College Kid is Struggling.

Our parent consulting is for parents who need more advanced strategies on how to best support their college kid struggling with anxiety, depression or substance abuse. We empower you with specific tools and strategies to handle any situation while your son or daughter is away at college. Simply the best service when the family needs help focusing on what matters most.

  • Learn how to set boundaries, create expectations, and support your struggling child from a distance.
  • Establish financial, emotional, academic and vocational expectations congruent with your kid’s needs without compromising.
  • Experience a more balanced and nurturing relationship among your family members. It’s time to start creating happy memories again.

Exclusive Services Include:

  • Parent Consultation 
  • Parent Education 
  • Legal/Court Consultation

We know families are complex systems that need outside, expert guidance to realign everyone on what matters most. Custom parenting sessions based on a family’s or individual’s goals decrease time in court, decrease conflict with a co-parent, and increase your sense of stability and serenity. Bottom line – progress is inevitable when family members refocus.

Personalized parenting brings out the best in each family member and encourages your son or daughter to maximize your investment in college. We use evidence-based practice teach healthier communication and coping skills. This is what we do. This is an investment and we take it seriously.