Program Review: Kolmac Clinic

In May 2014 Dr. Marino visited The Kolmac Clinic with six locations spread around the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia region. This is your classic substance abuse program geared towards adults. Kolmac has been around since 1976 and slowly increased the depth and breadth of services with a consistent focus on drug abuse treatment. 
What They Do
Kolmac offers IOP levels of care in group format. Initially patients will attend three hours of group IOP sessions five times a week. Next, individuals step down to less frequent group meeting, ending with just once weekly group. Kolmac noted they are a CBT program and encourage patients to use AA for outside support. Providers who refer to Kolmac often are able to continue outpatient therapy or decide to transfer to Kolmac until the initial treatment course has reduced in frequency. 
Kolmac also provides outpatient detoxification. Each location is staffed with medical providers and mental health providers. Patients are able to go through detox during the day and return home in the evenings. 
Who They Serve
The Kolmac Clinic provides outpatient rehabilitation and treatment programs for adults with alcohol, drug, and other substance abuse problems. Because Kolmac is an outpatient treatment center, patients can receive rehab help without taking leave from work or family responsibility.

Kolmac Clinic has six locations in Washington DC area. Unfortunately the program does not offer services in Virginia, but has locations in downtown DC and Maryland. Each site boosts group treatment tailored to the population in need. For example, the Towson, MD site has a larger population of young adults and targets programming to this population. The K St location specializes in corporate executive’s substance concerns. 

During the visit to he K St location, the office appeared dated and office presentation seemed less important (e.g., stain on rug, old furniture). Staff appeared friendly, but often passed through the waiting room (in the middle of the office) without acknowledging guests waiting for appointments.

Fees + Insurance + Financing

The daily charges are $400 for detoxification, $193 for rehabilitation, $120 for the initial clinical evaluation and $100 for continuing care. Most insurance plans cover part or all of the costs at Kolmac. The exact out-of-pocket expense for the patient varies accordingly. Patients interested in treatment with us should call with insurance information and our staff will explain costs.  Once the patient has scheduled an appointment our staff will verify the insurance coverage.  Payment plans are available if needed.

The clinic accepts all insurances except Tricare and state funded plans (e.g., medicare and medicaid). 


There is quite the mixed bag of reviews found online. With an agency the size of Kolmac, this is to be expected. There generally are either really terrible reviews or really great reviews without much in between. This is one of those clinics we HIGHLY recommend visiting first before you make a decision about starting treatment with them. 

Contact Information 

Best way to reach them is through their online contact form found here or their general number at 301.589.0255. 

Final Thoughts
Overall, the staff at Kolmac seemed friendly and knowledgeable. Staff also seemed genuinely interested in learning about resources and referral options in the community. 

Fonthill Expands into Washington DC!


Fonthill is pleased to announce the addition of our new locations in Arlington, VA and Washington, DC. Our new offices provide Case Management, Educational Consulting and Wraparound services to individuals and families throughout the Northern Virginia – DC Metro areas struggling with eating disorders, substance abuse and mental health issues. 

The Arlington office is located at 2001 Jefferson Davis HWY Arlington VA 22202

The Washington DC office is located at 1101 17th St. NW Washington DC 20036

The addition of these two locations allows us to conduct more in-office sessions and keep consistent staff for quick response to more clients.

For more information, please contact us at help@fonthillcounseling or (202) 280-6615.